” I was very sad because I lost my eldest son after he was very sick with cancer for 3 years.
I used to have migraine and was not able to sleep without taking sleeping pills . We took a session with Mr. Sumeet, as my daughter had some trouble breathing well at the time. After we took the session it was magical! I felt so relaxed and slept like a baby with no medicine. Even the migraine that I had for years disappeared and my Daughter started breathing well since then.
It has been almost 4 years since I took this path. It has changed my life in every way possible. I accepted my son’s death knowing that he is in a better place.

– Norma Ansara, Amman, Jordan

I had severe back pain and could not walk properly without support and could not without back rest.
After attending healing camps,retreat and healing sessions, I completely healed my back. I could instantly jump after the healing session in class even travelled in the airplane alone after 3 years . It is a miracle

– Neha Suneja

” I healed my psoraisis patch (which was there for the last 17 years) in ONE session with Sumeet ji.

– Shivali Ghandi

‘ I healed my thyroid after attending Karma healing courses and sessions. The results were clearly visible after I got the diagnostic tests done after the healing session.

– Ginni Banga

‘ In November 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 larynx cancer and had total laryngectomy that means removal of the entire voice box.
The doctors had explained that after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation the remaining right vocal cord would only allow me to speak with a soft whisper or not even that. After personal healing sessions with Mr Sumeet, I developed an Edema (a swelling) which acted like my left vocal chord and further enabled me to speak once again  Where the Doctors had stated that my voice would not be more than a whisper. The sessions have allowed me to speak up with a voice louder than a mere whisper.

– Adil Kader Jaffer, Dubai

” I was able to get Rid of My Problem of recurring UTI  and unexplainable constant intense pain in my Lower Abdomen since 10yrs after taking various courses from Sumant and Sumeet Kaul. Today I Am Free from It. 

– Avinash Mathur, Scientist, India

“The eternal soulmate class gave me a deeper understanding of how all relationships work, and reconnected me with my family and self in a deeper level. i found deeper realization and insight about my journey and wellbeing”

Mariam KetaitDubai, Ministry of Happiness

“I used to suffer from high blood pressure and Stomach pain. Since I took the courses, till this very moment, I stopped taking any of them due to the healing that was done for my body, soul, mind and my karma”

Ghadeer Aldaoud

” I have learned more from their example and how they ‘walk the talk’. There is nothing more powerful than being a witness to a mode of life that in every aspect offers gems an important life lessons to think about.”

 Erzebet Strausz

” The retreat has opened knots from my mind – problems that I thought were insurmountable have suddenly become a piece of cake.it has given me the strength, dedication and courage to walk the path of morality with so much ease”

Rahul Hirani

” I feel more peaceful and I am more focused, balanced and grounded. I know where I have to go in this life. I have a higher level of mental clarity and I feel happier. By practicing this teaching I resolved a lot of grief, sorrow, anger, fear an unforgivness.”

– Sofia Venus

” After the retreat my sense of morality became higher, my mindfulness became stronger,  I have strong belief in myself and my abilities and I have confidence to follow my goals. It also made me find out my true Devine purpose and this brought me so much joy, happiness and inner peace .I am 37 years old and for the first time in my life I feel I finally have purpose to my life.

On a physical level, I feel energized and full of power, stronger and my body feels much healthier, and lighter . My colon problem seems to have disappeared magically . The quality of my life is changing on all levels, quality of thought, feelings, and even people in my life.”

– ORAIB, Jordan

”  Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner. Igot trained to be and am now a certified self development NLP trainer training corporates and individuals, along with my life partner, spreading faith and wisdom and light.


” I got many insights during the meditations at the retreat. I felt that healings, release and realisations are happening.AKCH is a course that makes enlightenment the ultimate goal, as it should be. The ultimate goal to know who I am, from where, how, when, why did I came!? I resolved my karmic relationships with my mother, father, my family and ancestors.”

– JUDIT KERI, Hungary, Keri Productions 

I took a session in the class for not being able to study and get good marks, After the healing session now I am studying 4 hours a day, I was able see my exam results triple or 300% improvement. 

– Venkatesh Udhay Kumar

 These courses give me the chance to remove all the stress and anger that I was suffering from all the time. They also make me more focused in my life in a way that I can finalize my tasks at work and home. And my relationships are becoming better than before.
I am glad to say that I am now more focused, energized and comfortable. 

– Mai Mustafa Al Saadi

” I had Asthma since I was 5 years old, but i haven’t been using an inhaler for the last month since the retreat. Work has also been great, there is a constant flow of clients. I also feel light from inside”

Sylvia Rafidi

” My mouth ulcers healed instantly…Every class with Master Sumant Kaul is so magical!

– Dr Purnima Chhibber, New Delhi, India

“I took a session in the class for not being able to study and get good marks, After the healing session now I am studying 4 hours a day, I was able see my exam results triple or 300% improvement. “

Venkatesh Udhay Kumar

” My extreme anger got resolved with that my skin cleared up like I have had a facial ! My marriage which was practically over, became wonderful again and my relations with my parents became great too. .I got a session with Mr Sumant Kaul in Dubai which changed my life completely. 

– Ravi Prakash, South India Cine artist.