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We offer life changing classes in various topics to guide you on how to resolve your Karmic issues in life and find inner bliss . This allows you to not only enhance your own life but also to contribute in helping others.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Kids

NLP is the study of what works in thinking language and behavior. It provides a framework for directing our brain and body. Kids will learn things like how to improve memory and handle stress


Science of Consciousness and Karma Healing Level 1

Karma Healing is a technique which reveals how everything works through the law of Karma. It shows why certain things happen in life and how to change your Karma and your life


Science of Consciousness and Karma Healing Level 2

Level 2 explains how karma works, how to activate kundalini, release ancestors defects and karmic oaths, resolve money and relationship Karma, master body and mind and achieve forgiveness.


He is a leading Mindful Teacher that attained immense heights in all fields by basing his life on continuous practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and Karma Kriya Yoga. He has transformed the lives of millions by mentoring and empowering them towards the ultimate truth.

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He is an exceptional healer. He is an NLP trainer, Medical Intuitive, Mentor Clairvoyant and Psychic. He combines many healing modalities and has healed thousands from issues such as depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, cancer, schizophrenia and traumas to name a few

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An expert in psychology and healing. She is the master of energy healing as she has the magical gift that few have of instantaneous healing. She is young and dynamic and uses modern techniques. She heals people with the power and purity of the healing she brings with her

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What do we Offer?

We offer life transforming seminars, retreats, meditations and healing sessions where you can learn the actual meaning of karma yoga and its effect on changing the game of life. This knowledge will help you resolve heavy karmic problems and heal relationships, financial and health issues. You will find your way in life by managing your karma and practicing Samadhi meditation

Heal your Life

What do our clients say about us?

Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.

Ginni Banga

I healed my thyroid after attending Karma healing courses and sessions. The results were clearly visible after I got diagnostic test done after the healing session.


Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful, loving and wise husband and life partner.

Alpana Dhuper

Out of 26 years of marriage, the second half was filled with bitter quarrels and unhappiness which I felt has damaged my relationship beyond reconciliation. Karma healing techniques help me maintain high vibration and manage my karma. My husband and I enjoy better understanding and family harmony


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By applying the 60,000-year-old techniques of the Science of Karma Yoga you can  release the gigantic labyrinth of  Karma that you are trapped in those who were trapped in