Samadi State

Samadhi is a state beyond the brain frequency of zero when you see your body separate from YOU and YOU embark the journey to find who you are and once, you find who you are, all your karmas will resolve automatically.
This state can only be achieved by people who follow 11 steps of Karma Yoga. Other people who claim to tap Samadhi are tapping a lower brain frequency such as theta. For Samadhi, a person needs to be a Karma Yogi.
One of the techniques which we teach to attain Samadhi State is a 60,000 year old Secret meditation called 8th Chakra Meditation through which a practitioner can achieve union with the divine.


Benefits of Samadhi Meditation

  • Anti-Aging Hormones(Growth Hormones) .When we do Samadhi meditation, Pineal Gland gets activated and secretes Melatonin which is a master hormone and controls the hormonal system and releases anti-oxidants which decelerates ageing.
  • Our Body Secrets Deep relaxation hormones in Meditation- Endorphins which are the happy hormones(Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin)
  • Tranquility and Harmony
  • Mind and Body Rejuvenation
  • It helps in Overcoming Anxiety and Stress and also, helps in amygdala re- training.
  • It increases cortical thickness of the brain which improves decision making, memory and attention
  • Our brain becomes more responsive and alert
  • Lowers the risk of Cardio-vascular diseases and opens up blood vessels when nitric oxide gets released during meditation which improves blood circulation

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I got many insights during the meditations at the retreat. I felt that healings, release and realisations are happening.AKCH is a course that makes enlightentment the ultimate goal, as it should be. The ultimate goal to know who I am, from where, how, when, why did I came!? I resolved my karmic relationships with my mother, father, my family and ancestors.

JUDIT KERI, Hungary, Keri Productions

Previously, my marriage was broken and I was a single mother and had no clue how to move forward in life. Today I have a wonderful family and a loving and wise and nurturing husband and life partner, one more angel in the family and got trained to be and am now a certified self development NLP trainer training corporates and individuals, along with my life partner, with more responsibilities and students of my own, spreading faith and wisdom and light, compassion and healing and collaboration.


It is a proud moment for me to share my Son Gurneesh’s achievement in his school. He has scored 92.5% in commerce and 100% in History From an average student he is among the toppers of the school. It is all the power of guidance & knowledge from the Masters. healings & regressions done in the classes is making him Genius. I am so amazed to see changes in his focus & concentration level especially after the retreat.

Ginni Banga

My extreme anger got resolved with that my skin cleared up like I have had a facial ! My marriage which was practically over, became wonderful again and my relations with my parents became great too. .I got a session with Mr Sumant Kaul in Dubai which changed my life completely. My gratitude to my teachers sumant sir & Sumeet.

Ravi Prakash, South India Cine artist.

I took one healing session from my mentor – teacher in the Retreat class as a demo session, it changed my life. I took leave from school for 18 days. Session details:- I took a session in the class for not being able to study and get good marks, After the healing session now I am studying 4 hours a day, I was able see my exam results triple or 300% improvement. Thanks to Sumant Sir, Sumeet Sir & family.

Venkatesh Udhay Kumar

Mr Sumant Kaul and Mr Sumeet Kaul are extraordinary people and I feel truly blessed to have met them and have been taught by them. It was also wonderful to meet so many amazing people in the group, which changed my perception of what community can be about. The nurturing energy that made me feel completely safe and protected was exceptional – I knew only good things could happen to me while I was there (and afterwards) – this helped me release a lot of anxiety about work etc. I learnt even more from their examples and how they ‘walk the talk.’ There is nothing more powerful than being witness to a mode of life that in every aspect offers gems and important life-lessons to think about.

– Erzebet Strausz, Hungary, Professor

I’ve had Asthma since I was 5 years old, but I haven’t been using the inhaler for the past month. Work has been great, theres a constant flow of clients. I feel so light from inside.I believe I have an extraordinary karma which made me meet Mr Sumant & Mr Sumeet Kaul, and I am grateful for it. They have always been there since day one, helped me and my family throughout all these years, they are always compassionate and very very patient . They never gave up on me and always encouraged me to do the best. Without them I wouldn’t be at this level in my career and wouldn’t be the girl I am now. They taught me how to love myself, others, how to forgive, how to have patience and how to dream BIG. I’m just too grateful to have them. They are my idols, words cannot describe what’s truly in the heart.

– SYLVIA RAFIDI, Jordan, Interior Designer